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In a short span of time Jeevan has become the lifeline of the cultural ethos of Kerala, a rare achievement brought off by the Channel’s meaningful and thought provoking infotainment programmes. Malayalees have reciprocated this novel initiative by forming the Jeevanclub. The Club formed by the well wishers, viewers & share holders of Jeevan continue to organize feedback sessions, variety entertainments, seminars and workshops and support the channel in all respects.

In every District Jeevanclub is organizing Jeevotsavam a colourful festival, musical bonanzas, dancing and choreographic entertainments with leading film stars, Principal playback singers, professional danseuses etc.

In Gulf Countries also Jeevanclubs are formed. This is to reach the Malayalees in their cultural and entertainment activities.

The objects of the Club are:
We are forming Clubs at various Panchayats, Municipalities, Corporations and other institutions like schools, colleges, universities etc.
To develop friendship, love, peace and communal harmony among the members who love to work together and spread the above message among the public.
To mould talented artists and people with special talent in classical forms of art and rural arts, music and dance.
To visit rural villages and copy the natural greenery and rural beauty to the camera for exhibition through Jeevan Channel if found suitable.
To develop Indian culture and its Sanskruthi and its simplicity through various programmes to be broadcasted by Jeevan channel.
To organize discussions and seminars on important current issues and issues affecting the society at large.
To develop the talents of the rural children in arts, literature, drawings and other programmes.
To discuss on the issues facing the women, children and neglected people of the society and to develop savings habit among them by organizing discussions and seminars.
To make joint efforts with other similar institutions for the total development of rural people in the country.
To undertake any other public, religious or charitable activities as wanted by circumstances.

For Forming Jeevanclubs contact:

Jeevan Club Co-ordinator
E-Mail :
Phone : +91-484-2343344
Mobile : +91 9447463231

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